Keep cool

One thing that I have noticed throughout this stressful year is that: once I started to feel the pressure of everything happening around me including all the problems, new troubles creep up and at one stage I felt I could not handle anything.

As I have mentioned before, I have tried taking help from student support at uni and got disappointed by the amount of value they have on policies rather than the mental health itself, and thus decided to take things on my hands.

I started reading books regarding my religion and started praying. Not only, did it help me spiritually but also gave me a reason to put aside everything and give some time off to myself and to my God. Which is very important according to me, even if a person does not follow any religion, he or she can take some time off every day and meditate.

Regarding meditation, I have tried doing it by my own, but I guess I am one of those people who cannot just concentrate!

Therefore, I found my own peace and way to meditate through my prayers and also through music.

Yes, music.

I have collection of every song that I have listened  so far in my life and thankfully, I found the one and only song that used to calm me down from my high school years. Surprisingly, when I heard it after like 5 years, it had the same effect on me!

The song is “Keep the streets empty for me”- Fever Ray.

Also, there is a movie, which helped me to start to think about mental health and how important it is to give a break to yourself. It is “Eat, pray and love”. I am not suggesting to follow it literally. However, see it as an inspiration to start doing things that you enjoy or to find the thing that interests you.

Overall, I am very proud of myself for keeping cool during those stressful times. I know more problems are coming on my way, I guess I am strong enough to face those now.

Hell Yeah! Bring it on probs!


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