We are all neighbours of the same world.

The greatest thing that happened in my life is when I came to Australia for my further studies.  Before that, my life was completely monotonous. Woke up, had breakfast, went to classes and then, after withstanding the enormous traffic due to overgrowing population in the capital, came back home at night. Then with the little amount of energy left, had to do the assignments and prepared for the next class… and this went on until my dad decided to send me and my sister here in Australia, because, apparently, hard to accept, but my own home does not provide enough safety for us. Therefore, I am here, out of the box and into the real world.

Anyways, let me get back to my point, which is, we are all racist UNTIL we get the opportunity of mingling and making friends who came from different places of the same world. When you actually be within them, the reality is completely different, you will understand that their life is no different to us. Each of them, have their own struggles, their own challenges. They are not perfect and thus, this has taught me, neither are we. None of us are perfectly happy in our skin we just have to make some happiness out of thin air.

Back in my country, we are all from the same race, yes, however, even racism exists within ourselves. When our parents consider our partners, they judge some of them to be dark-skinned, too thin, too fat.

Fortunately, for the millennials, this has changed, as we started bonding with our fellow neighbours of this world. Some of us study together, some play games online and become friends, some are friends through social media and so on. So we know, their is more to see that meets the eye.

Thanks to the mixed culture now we can taste sushi from Japan, burgers from America, nachos from Mexico and the list goes on.

Thus, we are joining together as one whole community whether we acknowledge it or not.

Which is a good news out of all the bad ones!


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