My Final Step

Today, I took my final step of getting myself back again.

I wrote to those people who played a very important role in my life when I grew up, after my family, and those are my best friends from school. I opened up about myself and honestly wrote out what I went through and how my actions resulted in creating this huge distance between us.

As I am recovering from the negative mental state that I was in, I believe, this is my final step towards my freedom and a healthier mental state.

From 2014, after an incident which had a huge effect in me. Huge, because that was the biggest mistake I made in my life and due to that mistake, I lost a lot of important people in my life, I lost their value and their importance. I hurt my family and friends.

My mistake was, I let myself be with people who was not from the same spectrum  that I was from. I opened myself up to those people who only knew how to crush my dreams, myself and the freedom I had which is freedom of thought. Even my thoughts seemed to be against me then. I was manipulated, I was turned against my family, my sister and my mum. I was turned against my childhood best friends.

That particular person, who manipulated me, destroyed me, threatened me, insulted me, forced me and finally tried to grind my soul below his feet, was my class mate once. He used to tell me everything that I wanted to hear, he understood me and could read me like an open book and took advantage of it. His ultimate weapon was my weakness and he used it well.

But now, he lost.


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I won, my soul won. I am free to express my thoughts and my feelings. I feel stronger than ever because now I have no fear.

Now I am surrounded by people who wants the best for me, who spreads a positive aura, who helps me remove negative people from my life, shows me my mistakes and my flaws rather than insulting me and offending me, helps me remove my bad habits, is patient with me and forgives me instead of taking revenge, loves me the way I am and most importantly encourages me to be myself.




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