During summer in my country, there would be storms. The sky would go grey, there would be winds, so strong, it would carry everything on its way along its path.

It would carry all the pain along with it as well.

I miss the smell, the smell of dirt on the wind and just before it would pour, there would be rain drops mixed with the wind that would brush against my face.

Then it would rain, it would be a downpour. The rain drops would create a splash on the ground and millions of it together would create a humming sound that would bring a certain peace in mind. Whenever, it rained like that and if I was at home, I would stop everything I was doing and sit in front of the window and watch the view outside.

I would see the birds all under shelters, waiting patiently for the rain to be over, or might be enjoying like I was doing.

Then the force of the winds would grow stronger and the sky would get darker. So dark, it would seem that it was evening.

Then there would be thunder, so loud that it would startle me sometimes.

After that, the rain would slow down and the sky would clear into a beautiful golden colour. The people and the birds would go back to their business, thus there would be conversations starting again on the roads and the chirping would start on the trees and I would go back to my own business after a refreshing break.


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