Being Productive

It has been long since I have written, that is because I am truly very busy in my vacation. In this vacation, I am not only relaxing but is also learning a lot of new stuff as well.

Firstly: I am learning to take care of myself by eating healthy and being active thus I spend a few hours of everyday researching how to build confidence in myself.

Secondly: Learning what I feared a lot, which is driving. To be honest, I have always thought that I will not be able to put so much pressure on my head due to driving but what I realised is that, it is no different than the pressure I feel in living my life. I have to be careful and be conscious of my surroundings. Thats it. Come to think of it, now driving seems easier! Ha ha! But nah, driving in Bangladesh can actually be compared with pressures in real life. Obstacles can barge in out of no where!

Thirdly: Giving IELTs test which is like an added value to international students. Sadly, it lasts only two years.

Fourthly: I am taking an online course on Photography so that I can make full use of the camera that I bought and also opened an account on Shutterstock as a contributor. It is a good platform where you can get inspiration from others and also get some percentage when the platform helps to sell your photos. Well, being an amateur, the main reason I became a contributor is because of inspiration, so that I take more photos and not be lazy.

I believe that my life is limited and so is everyone else’s. To live life fully and to enjoy all the details of it, I will have to keep on learning because I will not be able to get anything to enjoy if I do not have the knowledge right? That is why, I have sworn to myself never to stop learning and I am not talking about the education that I receive from institutions because those are nothing but a place for business, but learning skills and stuff that I can teach myself for just enjoying life.



Image taken from this lovely Tumblr blog “Be You


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