An angel

She is an angel appointed by Allah

to take care of me.

She took care of our hunger

and handled our tantrums

all without saying a word.

She is the most beautiful and the softest that I have seen.

Whenever she got hurt,

she just turned red.

But I have also seen her strong.

She was the strongest when we fell ill.

She was the toughest when we were in trouble.

She took everything she had and faught

alongside with us in our battles of emotions.

She prayed and fasted days and nights.

Her face was a constant pink.

Lately we had to go afar,

and that is when I see her to be the strongest ever.

She has to let go of us,

as we grew up too fast.

Still, the role she was appointed for has not yet finished.

She must stay and protect us,

even if we are oceans apart.

As when we sleep,

we go back to her womb

and we are the safest there.

Her touch provides peace and removes all sorrow.

Her smile fills up all the holes inside our soul.

As she is the angel sent from Allah.

I pray to Allah, to forgive her for all our sins,

And to protect her from the Hellfire

And to grant her Jannah

When He thinks

Is best for her.


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To my beloved mother, who faces the world’s torments everyday, yet she manages to make jilapi in half an hour after I tell her that I feel like eating Jilapi ( a sweet snack).



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