Thought of a broken heart

No matter how much you do for people, if their eyes are shut with a blindfold, they will never appreciate.
But, if you have kindness in you, do not care and keep on doing. When the day comes that you are gone forever, they will understand what value you gave them.
That will be the day, they will cry and beg for you to be there for them again, but you will know deep inside, that, whatever you had, you have already given to them and there will be nothing more for them.
Everything is limited: happiness, appreciation, value, peace….and life itself.
Open up your blindfolds and take in whatever you have as it will be gone when you least expect it.


Just add a pinch of kindness


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It does not hurt or cost anything to be kind to others. Just add a sprinkle of kindness in your everyday life just like salt bae sprinkles his salt in style. In return, you will get the same amount or more kindness from someone someday, and trust me you will be able to relate.

Every action in this world, according to me, is like a boomerang. Whatever you do, it will come back to you.  I have tested it myself, I have been kind to people and I do get kindness back, maybe if not from the same person but from others any other day.

It does not matter what religious beliefs you follow, just for basic humanity, you can do that. Especially now, the world, the people, needs your kindness. Just a little bit each day will add up to a big one.

Things got more complicated now, people have to multi task and have to maintain a lot of things together, therefore, they slip. The slip from their usual behaviour and throw out their summed up frustration maybe on you or another person and thus it becomes a chain reaction of frustration. I worked in customer service, I so much wished that people would be nice to me because I knew, if I had an angry customer who yelled at me, I would surely threw it out on someone close to me ( as they will be around me) or, I would be frustrated the rest of the day. It does leave an affect no matter how much we try to ignore it.

So yah, please do sprinkle some kindness today wherever you are. It feels awesome! Trust me! As for getting the same thing in return, you will get it one day!


Rain Drain

It is raining outside today and as usual, do not feel like doing shit. All rain has ever given to me was drowsiness and laziness.

Therefore, it is a good opportunity for me to write up some stuff going on in my head.

Recently, I have had short term memory losses. Maybe stress is the cause of it or something else.. I don’t know. So yah, like I mentioned before on my second post regarding running away. Well,  on my lecturer’s insist, I did visit my student support and instead of helping me get better, they gave me a solution that I have depression and  to suspend this semester and to take a break, which seemed very amusing at that time and I went for it.

Little did I know, that according to uni policy,  I have to get a doctor’s statement verifying my mental health and that it got worse after census date. Which is weird and absurd as I have had depression throughout the whole semester and not just “after” the last day to withdraw. Thus, started my visits to my doctor, to amend the dates to after census date and then thanks to my impatience, it resulted into this huge mess.

Therefore, now I am sitting here again, literally forcing my brain to get back to studies. Why? because running away never solved any problems. Neither personally nor professionally. Instead of wasting my time running back and forth from uni student support to the doctor, I could have finished two chapters of my very hard, brain-cramping studies of algorithms.


Saving battery life

I study and work in an environment which deals with technologies and devices. So with my own personal experience, I will share some tips for you all.

Today,  let’s do a simple task on our phone which will help our phone’s battery to last longer than usual. This can be applied to any devices you have around you. It is pretty simple and helpful.

  • Acknowledge the phone that you have.
  • Press the power button and hold it until you see the logo of your mobile phone company. Or any device you have.
  • Check that it is completely off.
  • Put it aside, somewhere out of your sight.
  • Look up and acknowledge your surroundings.
  • Find your closest persons that you live with or do not live with. (If you live alone).
  • Think about them/Contact them/ Go to them and talk to them for at least half an hour.
  • Once you are done talking to them, and you return to your phone after half an hour then, congratulations! You saved half an hour of your phone’s battery. Or saved some electricity bill, if you were on your computer.

Pretty good stuff huh? Yes, you saved battery and electricity bills.

What else did you save?

You saved 0.00000005% of the regret that you would feel if that closest person went away from your life forever.

I myself, live away from my family and whenever I talk to them or see them in front of me, I waste the time scrolling through social media. At that time, a video of a cat jumping from a tree seems more interesting than what my family member/ close person has to say. Cruel but true.

Let’s try to change that.





Running away

During my school days, I got many medals for winning races for running in sports events. That was probably the only thing I actually aced. Little did I know that I not only aced in races but also aced in running away from problems and difficult situations.

I am the youngest in my family and being the youngest, I did not have to stress about responsibilities until I came here in Sydney for my Bachelor’s Degree. Now my life is a horrible mess of responsibilities. Starting from finishing assignments to paying bills. Recently I had an emotional breakdown and after thorough and deep conversations with friends and family, I realised that I usually run away from problems that is why it became very difficult for me to handle everything all by myself. I was almost making my runaway plan. Filled up forms for seeing counsellors to cry out my problems to them and hoping they would show me sympathy and would allow me to drop this semester and thus I could run away back to my country. I lost most of my friends due to this and was almost losing someone special, when I realised, this has to stop.

I do not want to end up like Maggie Carpenter in the Runaway Bride. Instead, I want to face my problems, the negative opinions and most importantly responsibilities.

So I gathered a lot of courage and slowly started the process of trying my best in facing the difficult situations I am currently in.

  1. For my studies:
    • I asked for help from lecturers, tutors and classmates. Posted on the unit forum about my condition and pleaded for help.
    • Made up my mind, to attend all the classes available from now on. (Will try my best to follow that. )
    • Made a routine to follow.
  2. For my relationships:
    • Started finding those lost friends on Facebook and connected with them. Felt really good. 🙂
    • Learnt to apologise and accept my mistakes.
    • Learnt to acknowledge my flaws.

After I posted for help, my lecturers actually emailed me to think about an alternative solution which was my runaway plan, since I have already missed and is lacking behind a lot of topics. However, I have this positive energy that I should at least try till the end and then see the result. If it is still bad, I will have no regrets.

So that was all I could think of till now. If you have more to add to this list, feel free to do so on the comments. Also, I hope I could be of help to those of you who are running champions like me haha!





My First Post

The hardest part of posting something is to think about the title. It just takes so much time to summarise the thoughts into one or two words. So I ended up with “My first post”. Short and simple.

I had a brand new tablet lying around which I bought out of excitement when it got launched. I bought it, because at that time I was interested in learning graphic designing. However, as time passed, I did not have time to learn graphic designing or use the tablet to its fullest.  It was lying on my bedside table for two months when I thought, I had to use it or sell it, as I bought it with my own money from work and did not want it to go on waste. Then I had an idea.

I recently visited Australia’s largest flower festival, the Floriade. This was the first time, I visited a festival of flowers and I was mesmerised by the shades of colours and the amazing decorations the community of Canberra has organised for people around. There were stalls of everything related with flowers and events such as, dance shows, jokes, stunts etc. I captured everything on my sister’s camera.

From then, I thought I could sell the tablet and add some money and buy a camera!

Yes, and I did just that! Just bought the camera today and will finally start doing something on which I have found my passion, of which this blog is also a part. This blog and the camera is my first investment (from my own savings) only for my interest.

I just pray, so that this excitement and this passion remains consistent as there will be thousands of barriers which will be coming my way.

Last but not the least, it is true, this blog is to express my thoughts and snippets of my daily captures. However, I have also created this, to make a community of people like me, who wants to share their thoughts or opinions about my thoughts because there will be times I will need your advice, suggestions and your thoughts for myself and for others just like me. (Too many thoughts). You can also share them on my Facebook page, the link is on the right side of this post.